Blogs from September, 2023

Pilates for older adults

Moving well enables us to participate in life, thereby improving the quality of our lives (our ability to go on outings, play with our grandchildren, garden, dance, travel, etc). Pilates can help improve our ability to move, by improving strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

What are the benefits of doing Pilates instructed by a Physical Therapist?

  • Physical Therapists are problem solvers. We are trained to assess your physical condition and ability, develop an individualized program, assess the results of the program and then modify the program based on that information. It’s a dynamic process. Each time I work with you, I gain valuable information about your muscles, joints and the way you move that I will use to develop your program for the next session
  • Pilates is low impact, making it safer for arthritic joints
  • Pilates’ equipment is very adaptable. The equipment can be set up to make an exercise easier by having the springs assist you, or it can be set up to make an exercise harder
    • This versatility of the equipment makes it a perfect exercise method for clients with conditions such as total joint replacements, osteoporosis, tendonitis, arthritis, neck or low back pain
  • You will not exercise through pain. Pain is addressed immediately by trying to find a modification to the exercise that is pain free. If that is not possible, the exercise is discontinued until a later date.
    • As a Physical Therapist, I have extensive knowledge of how to modify an exercise for your particular condition
  • Exercises start with only the range of motion that you can control with good form, and gradually increases. Over time, flexibility is improved in the spine and extremities
  • Pilates’ exercises focus on quality of movement rather than lots of repetitions. We look at the position of the whole body during exercise so that posture and alignment improve. Proper positioning requires the core stabilizers to be active in every exercise. This mimics the role these muscles should play in our every day movements and soon carries over into our every day activities.