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We Offer One-on-One Customized Physical Therapy Services in New York City & Long Island

At Lifestyle Physical Therapy, we believe the body has an innate ability to heal itself, but there are ways to encourage this process so you can recover more effectively and quickly. That’s why we offer a variety of physical therapy services in New York City and Huntington, Long Island to cater to a diverse patient population. We serve patients suffering from any number of conditions and complaints, from simple shoulder pain to complicated sports injuries, as well as post-operative recovery and even healing from the dizziness caused by vertigo. 

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Lifestyle Physical Therapy offers the following services to help you overcome physical limitations and get back to doing what you love.

Physical Therapy 

This form of noninvasive, conservative rehabilitation begins with a systematic approach of examining the whole body to find imbalances and physical limitations that typically result in mobility challenges and pain. Physical therapy is ideal for those whose physical symptoms make daily life painful, challenging, and frustrating and who wish to regain control over their bodies and lives.  Effective physical therapy regimens like those we employ at Lifestyle Physical Therapy are led by trained professionals who provide individualized care that includes stretching and strengthening exercises targeted specifically to address the patient’s needs, restore movement and range of motion while alleviating any associated pain.

Post-Operative Therapy 

Most post-surgical patients require physical therapy and in some cases as soon as the next day. Post-operative physical therapy is intended to help patients recover as quickly and safely as possible by reducing pain and swelling, increasing strength and range of motion, and restore the patient’s previous level of function. The primary benefit of post-operative physical therapy is to speed up recovery time, as surgery often takes an enormous physical toll. For this reason, surgery is usually only reserved for patients after all other conservative treatments have been exhausted and not as a first-line treatment. 

Sports Rehabilitation 

A trained physical therapist like ours at Lifestyle Physical Therapy can help you heal from any type of sports injury that keeps you sidelined from gameplay. We help athletes of all age and skill levels so they can get back to what they love to do as soon as possible. Our one-on-one sessions are personalized to the patient through research-based medicine and highly effective techniques that are proven effective. Our highly skilled physical therapists are trained to help athletes recover their range of motion, improve agility, heighten their physical performance, and get back to competing at a higher level than ever before.

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Lifestyle Physical Therapy Has the Physical Therapy Services You Need to Overcome Physical Limitations

Ready to put your best foot forward? Our physical therapists can help. We have a variety of physical therapy services we offer at our various locations in New York City and Huntington, Long Island. We are eager to help you and turn you into our next success story. 

To get in touch with our team and set up your first appointment with Lifestyle Physical Therapy, please call (212) 577-9313 or reach out online for a quick reply. 

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