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IT Band Syndrome (Iliotibial Band Syndrome) Part 1: What is it?

Iliotibial band syndrome (IT band syndrome) is a condition that occurs when the IT band becomes inflamed or irritated. It is the main cause of lateral knee pain (or pain on the outside part of the knee) in runners and cyclists. IT band syndrome accounts for up to 12% of running injuries and up to 24% of cycling injuries. It is one of the more common injuries we see at our Lifestyle Physical Therapy Huntington Clinic.


The IT band is a thick connective tissue called fascia that attaches to the pelvis, runs down the outside part of the thigh to the knee. Near the pelvis, the IT band is attached to the tensor fascia lata muscle and the gluteus maximus muscle. Near the knee, the IT band attaches both just above and just below the knee. Because of these varied attachments, the IT band is influenced by motion at the pelvis, hip, knee and ankle.


  1. Pain on the outside or lateral part of the knee
  2. Sometimes, a snapping sensation is felt on the outside of the knee
  3. Sometimes pain or tightness on the outside of the hip

Stay turned for IT Band Syndrome Part 2, which will address the causes and risk factors.

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