Lifestyle Physical Therapy is the top rated new physical therapy clinic in New York City. At Lifestyle Physical Therapy, we believe that high quality, one-on-one, comprehensive care is not only possible, but necessary for a long, happy and healthy life.


The LIFESTYLE Difference

The Lifestyle Difference

At Lifestyle, our unique benefit is that each patient will be under the care of only one single healthcare practitioner.  Every patient will be examined, evaluated, assessed, treated, and progressed by their Doctor of Physical Therapy.  This one-on-one approach allows the patients to have constant access to their healthcare provider during their entire therapy session while the Physical Therapist’s attention, energy, and resources will be focused entirely on the patient.  This model ensures that each patient is getting the highest possible quality of care safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Although this concept of one-on-one care seems obvious, it is no longer common practice among outpatient physical therapy facilities.  Patients are often transferred to a Physical Therapy Assistant, Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning coach, or a Physical Therapy aide, in order to increase the number of patients that are seen in one clinic.  The result is crowded waiting rooms, unsatisfied patients, overworked therapists and an overall decrease in the quality of care.

Dr. Seltzer started Lifestyle Physical Therapy in 2017 after he noticed a trending disconnect between the therapist and patient.  He realized that clinics were becoming too focused on patient volume rather than patient care, which resulted in higher profits, but an overall decrease in the patient’s well-being and customer satisfaction.  At Lifestyle, we invert this philosophy to shift the focus back onto the health of the patient.